My Goals For Writing in 2022

Kelly P.
3 min readJan 18, 2022
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I started last year with a resolution to grow my writing. This included growing my freelance writing efforts and trying to grow more profitable. I let it go most of last year until that summer where I managed to cobble together a website, applied to the Medium Partner Program, got over my fears, and created profiles on Fiverr and Upwork. So, how did 2021 end up?

2021 Reflections

Last year was better than I had hoped. 2021 didn’t see me making massive gains, but I made a lot more progress than I think I would have. My months on Medium didn’t see me making hundreds of dollars (in fact, it was only a couple at most), but that encouragement was enough to get started. I tried to keep my own website updated, but not as often as I hoped. Freelance-wise, I had a few orders and after a couple of beginning gigs on Upwork, I’m hitting my stride. All and all, not a bad start. I also experimented with learning nonfiction creative writing, but I found myself wanting to go back to my roots with writing fiction. Overall, it was a really positive year writing.

2022 Writing Goals

In 2022, I am now working 2 jobs (excluding the freelance writing I am still doing), and it feels like my schedule has never been busier. It can honestly be overwhelming at times. My Mondays and Wednesdays could easily be 12 hour days. I’m still struggling to get my routine down for the next few months and also planning some other major life decisions like moving by June. The first handful of months of 2022 is going to be busy. And planning my schedule and routine will be even more important. My 2022 hopes for my writing include a few things.

My first resolution: continue to grow my freelance writing efforts.

I didn’t make loads and loads of money freelance writing last year where I could quit my main jobs and retire early. But I found myself doing the sorts of writing I have always wanted with a job. My freelance writing is primarily content writing, but I have done resume reviews and edits as well. I find that Fiverr is good for resume gigs and Upwork has been best for long-term work. I hope to really try to work on that progress in 2021 and capitalize on it in 2022.

The second resolution…

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